the consultancy

Trusted by global businesses, enthusiastic start-ups, and ambitious innovators.

We are a multi-disciplinary creative consultancy team of strategic thinkers who collaborate closely with clients to deliver commercially successful products.

The Office

The therefore studio in the heart of Fitzrovia, central London, is home to the therefore consultancy and its spin out ventures inc. Puttout, ROK and Deciwatt.

With four floors and a basement workshop, all of the design process is undertaken in-house across the 20+ team of designers, engineers and workshop specialists.


The Process

Every design project is different. Here at therefore we react appropriately by applying various processes to help it unfold naturally. A design approach driven by insights gives us the freedom to explore and delve into new areas. This enables us to create innovative design solutions for clients that will not only impact and disrupt the market but stand the test of time. From radios to sustainable lighting, many of the products we’ve designed are still being sold 20 years on.


Whatever the design project, listening is the first step we take. Then we get to work developing an effective design strategy and project timeline. We create a narrative that guides the design process and forms the basis of a meaningful product experience.


The insight stage begins with discovery exercises that help to identify user needs and define the projects requirements.

Business strategy, Market research and analysis, Consumer insight, Creative workshops, Material research, Focus groups, Interviews.


At therefore, using various design methods, we review and refine collected insights and ideas to establish the projects main challenges.

Assessment criteria, Brief reframing, User requirements, Problem statements, Initial idea brainstorming.

Concept Design

Due to the design processes cyclical nature, concepts are generated iteratively throughout the development stage of projects. Concept generation is where therefore’s skill set is used to generate innovative design solutions to solve the brief.

Idea generation, Sketch exploration, User experience, Industrial design and styling, Brainstorming, Storyboarding, 3D CAD modelling, Animation, User interface design, Sketch prototyping.

Design Development

Development forms a large and essential part of the design process here at therefore. We iteratively test, revise and enhance designs until both our clients and the team are happy with the outcome.

Visualisation, Form exploration, Physical prototyping, Aesthetic models, Design for Manufacture, Engineering, Test rig development.

Final Definition to Production

At therefore, we have over 27 years experience of producing commercially successful products and have worked with manufacturers across the globe. Over the years we have built up great relationships with suppliers and manufacturing partners. We liaise on a regular basis to ensure products are delivered to a high quality, on time and on budget.

Supplier sourcing, Factory Liaison, Cost analysis, Production samples, Certification, Quality Control.

Our Toolkit

therefore's design skillset covers every stage of the product development process.


  • Market Research
  • Design Trends
  • Unique Insights
  • Creative Workshops
  • Customer Journeys
  • Product Development Roadmap


  • Idea Generation
  • Prototyping
  • 3D CAD Modelling
  • Industrial Design and Styling
  • Packaging Design
  • Visual Brand Language
  • UX/UI


  • Design for Manufacture
  • Production Samples
  • Factory Liaison
  • Digital Animations and Assets
  • Working Physical Models
  • Aesthetic Models
  • CMF Specification