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Funding Experience

therefore are an internationally renowned, Central London based, product design consultancy.

With over 24 years experience, our clients range from startups with a good idea, through pioneering specialists, to established market leading brands.

Our work bridges a wide range of product sectors including Audio, Luggage, AI, Tech, Comms, Packaging, Medical, Sports, Kitchen Appliances, Toys, Transportation and many more.

At therefore we have a range of funding experience to make your idea a reality, spanning crowdfunding campaigns, government grants, venture capital and royalties


Over the years, we have built up considerable experience implementing and running successful crowdfunding campaigns. From animation and still image creation, to storyboarding and ongoing management, we've got your back.


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Joint Venture

Gemini was launched 25 years after Martin Riddiford, co-founder of therefore, designed the first clamshell PDA and 20 years after therefore designed the Psion Series 5. Gemini was successfully funded via Indigogo at the beginning of 2017, raising $2,224,368, 284% of it’s target.  



Multi award-winning Morpher is perfect for cyclists, commuters and anyone who travels on vacation or business. The Morpher helmet folds down to just 2.5” thin and weighs less than a pound. The two Morpher products designed at therefore have successfully funded $1.7m.  


Own Venture

GravityLight works by connecting an elevated weight — filled with rocks or sand — to a pulley system that slowly powers a generator as the weight falls to the ground. The first GravityLight Indiegogo fundraising campaign raised almost US$400.000 in 41 days to fund the development and manufacturing of GravityLight trial units.


Own Venture

ROK is a therefore venture that was developed from the original idea through to production and distribution, and is now a self-supporting business. $300k was successfully crowdfunded for the project.  


Joint Venture

Melo, by TheaWellbeing, is a Mindfulness product that empowers and guides users through three simple breathing exercises. The product was successfully crowdfunded in July 2020.


Emotech approached us in 2016 to work on Olly, their robot with personality. We worked closely with the Emotech team on the holistic development of Olly, from design to detailed engineering, electronics development, UI/UX development, video production and packaging. Olly was a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in four categories, a first for any start-up product. The Olly crowdfunding campaign raised $339k in 2017.


Government grants

We have extensive knowledge on applying for grants across multiple governmental organisations, including the UK's biggest, Innovate UK.


Grants applied for


Grants applied for

Venture Capital

As another form of funding, we also work with venture capital private equity investors. Having worked with various financial institutions, we can advise on the most appropriate financing options for your project.


Grants applied for


Grants applied for


With an unprecedented record for commercially successful, award-winning products, therefore - product design consultants have invested in many new product ventures through the subsidy of design and development fees in return for a royalty-based investment.


Grants applied for


Grants applied for

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