our process

it all starts with an idea.
Whatever the design project, listening is the first step we take. We seek to understand client needs and user issues, challenging assumptions to frame design challenges.  Through research and subject expertise we develop an effective design strategy and project timeline.
In our proactive approach to challenges, we employ lateral thinking techniques to stimulate creativity and generate innovative ideas. Through the crafting of a compelling narrative, we not only guide the design process but also shape a rich and meaningful product experience that resonates with users.
We generate innovative solutions to solve the brief. Due to the design processes cyclical nature, concepts are developed iteratively; testing, revising and enhancing designs until both our clients and the team are happy. Continuous user engagement ensures we are still solving the right problems.
Therefore have 30 years experience of producing commercially successful products and have worked with manufacturers across the globe. Over the years we have built up relationships with suppliers and manufacturing partners, liaising to ensure products are delivered to a high quality, on time and on budget.

Your idea:
designed, engineered, delivered.

We've successfully brought over 1000 products to market.