our services

Here at therefore, our forte is product design through and through. But as a group of multidisciplinary designers, we have skills in a range of different sectors, suited to whatever your needs may be.
Industrial Design

The styling, form and aesthetics of a product.

Technical Engineering

The development, problem solving and finalisation of a product.


The creation of both functional and/or aesthetic product models.

Design Strategy

The road-mapping of a product or your business.

Packaging Design

The look, feel and interaction of the unboxing experience.

Web & App Design

The digital design surrounding a product, tailored to your business's needs.

& Animation

The communication of a product for ads and marketing.


The visuals, language and feel of your business.

The Whole Package

With all of these skillsets at our disposal, we can take your idea from concept creation all the way through to a real product in your hands. We can help with your business’s strategy, branding and marketing, as well as liaising with manufacturers so you don’t have to.