Fragrance Diffuser

Zenaura S3 engages your senses, specifically focusing on Scent, Sight and Sound. The scented dry vapour consumables, combined with the devices targeted airflow, can spread the chosen fragrance around the room. User selected coloured lighting can be added to illuminate the frosted glass pearl and the integrated Alexa speaker allows for a truly personalised experience.
Zenaura is a smart home fragrance solution, revolutionising how fragrance is incorporated into our personal space. Using dry fragrance technology, therefore developed the S3 to ensure a safe atmosphere that avoids the risk of flames and the mess of liquids. Each fragrance ‘pearl’ sits on the simple and elegant diffuser and can be controlled either on the device or remotely using the app.
Industrial Design
Colour, Material and Finish
UI/UX Design
Usability & HF

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