about therefore

With over 27 years experience, our clients range from start-ups with a good idea, through pioneering specialists, to world leading brands.

Our work bridges a wide range of product sectors including Audio, Luggage, AI, Tech, Comms, Packaging, Medical, Sports, Kitchen Appliances, Toys, Transportation and many more.


A hallmark of our approach is to create radical solutions in response to new insights, and develop these into successful, award winning products. As testament to this we are the only product design consultancy to win D&AD ‘Yellow’, ‘White’, and coveted ‘Black’ pencil awards.

We provide an holistic approach to take products from ‘ideation to production’ and can offer a number of services, including, but not limited to Product Strategy, Industrial Design, Engineering Development, 3D CAD Production Detailing & Manufacturing Liaison, Model & Prototype Making, UI/UX and Branding.

Partnerships & Ventures

Over the years, we have built up a number of spinout ventures that have grown to become successful businesses.

With over 27 years experience, we know the score when it comes to launching a start-up from scratch. From an initial idea to a fully developed product ready for production, here at therefore we know the ins and outs.


Our work has contributed to a number of successful tech startups with some going on to reach market valuations upwards of 6 billion Euros.

We have a range of consulting business models. In addition to straight fees, these include both ‘Royalty’ and ‘Equity’ funded ventures.

therefore also have considerable experience implementing and running successful ‘Crowdfunding’ campaigns.