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Therefore Ventures

therefore are an internationally renowned, Central London based, product design consultancy.

With over 24 years experience, our clients range from startups with a good idea, through pioneering specialists, to established market leading brands.

Our work bridges a wide range of product sectors including Audio, Luggage, AI, Tech, Comms, Packaging, Medical, Sports, Kitchen Appliances, Toys, Transportation and many more.

Our work has contributed to a number of successful startups with some going on to reach market valuations upwards of 6 billion Euros.

Own Ventures

We have become our own client by bringing to market a range of innovative own ventures. Ranging from golf aids to coffee products, the internal ventures have gone on to become successfully run individual businesses in their own right.


We have a keen set of golfers here in our Scala Street studio, and PuttOUT was a product invented by one of them, for the golfers all around the world. Since being launched in 2016, PuttOUT has won numerous awards, including the 2019 Golf Digest's Editors Choice Best in Golf Award. From original concept to sourcing manufacturers, to becoming a bestseller in its category and an “Amazon’s Choice” product in just six months of release, PuttOUT is truly a therefore venture through and through.

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ROK is another therefore venture, developed in house from idea to production and distribution. Originally launched in 2004 as ‘Presso’, ROK Espresso maker is a manual, non-electric espresso maker which is made from polished, high quality aluminium. ROK makes products that are designed to last a lifetime. All their products are built with sustainability of materials and methods in mind. They not only want to help people experience the rich sensations of our world, but to also take care of it too. Over 200,000 units sold world wide.

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Making light and power. Instantly. Deciwatt has been innovating renewable energy for over 10 years by efficiently harnessing human effort. From the original GravityLight designed back in 2009, to the latest nowlight, Deciwatt is at the forefront of renewable energy with a positive social impact at the heart of the business.

By pulling the nowlight cord for just one minute, you can create up to 2 hours of light or 15 minutes of talk time on a mobile phone.

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Joint Ventures

At therefore, we don't only come up with our own ventures, we have also invested in a number of start-ups to help bring their ideas to life.


Wellbeing for a modern world. TheaWellbeing's first product, Melo, has been developed at therefore. Our experience in bringing products from concept to reality has allowed Melo to be designed inside and out from conceptual sketches to the final product, ensuring every experience and interaction is beneficial to the user. TheaWellbeing are not just about making wellbeing products, they are about helping you become the best version of yourself in a stressful world.

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Planet Computers

Planet Computers first product, Gemini, was launched 25 years after Martin Riddiford, co-founder of therefore, designed the first clamshell PDA and 20 years after therefore designed the Psion Series 5. Martin had played with the idea of breathing new life into the PDA several times over the years, but it needed Planet Computer and Dr Janko Mrsic-Flogul’s enthusiasm for such a venture to convince him it was time to do it for real. Based in London, Planet Computers took up the mantle with one goal: to bring back the mobile keyboard.

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