Aqua Libra Drinks Dispenser

As part of Britvic - Soft Drinks, Sustainability Program, therefore were approached to develop a drinking solution which could reduce packaging, transportation of water & encourage the use of reusable containers. Leveraging their Aqua Libra brand, a drinks dispenser was developed which would encourage consumers to fill their own water bottles with a choice of healthy, chilled, sparkling flavoured drinks.
Following years of user and industry research, therefore worked with Britvic to develop the entirety of the dispenser unit, from the striking arch that forms the centerpiece of the dispenser unit, the UI/UX that creates a seamless user experience, and the internal engineering that allows for different flavors and types of water from a compact, under-counter unit.
Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Design for Manufacture
Colour, Material and Finish
UI/UX Design
Usability & HF

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