The Eazz thermal comforter, with a reusable natural clay pouch is a great alternative to the hot water bottle that provides hot and cold treatment for flexible and continuous use. With adjustable supporting bands and an internal pocket for warming hands, Eazz is the ideal wearable discreet solution for active people on the go. Eazz helps to reduce stress, relieve muscle, joint and period pain to increase wellbeing.
Our third project with Thea Wellbeing, therefore were tasked with creating a product to rival the hot water bottle. Using a clay heating pad with well engineered fabric body, the Eazz delivers relief for several hours. We worked on the CMF throughout the project to deliver the most comfortable product to the user, vital for a wearable product. The Eazz also features hand pouches within the fabric body, and can be heated as well as frozen.
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