Serum Dispenser

Acting as the packaging and dispenser for Geneu's DNA personalised skin products, the airless pump system exemplifies the luxury approach the brand has taken throughout its branding and store design. Using highly reflective materials the cylindrical form is designed to fit nicely in the users hand with a striking metal ring to separate the lid, which clips in satisfyingly with hidden magnets. The Geneu dispenser was the overall winner of the 2014 Luxury Packaging Awards.
therefore worked with Geneu founders Nick Rhodes & Prof. Christofer Toumazou to design a product that would deliver a luxury skin care experience to its users. Through CMF choices and mechanical design the dispenser feels both weighty in the hand yet light and effortless to use. In 2014 Geneu was launched at its flagship store on New Bond St, London
Industrial Design
Design for Manufacture
Colour, Material and Finish
Usability & HF
Mechanical Engineering

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